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  • Measuring system ENERGY
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Measuring system ENERGY is for liquids level measuring in tanks where it is more than 3 meters

Measuring system consists of:

  • - Sonde (level indicator) AEMP for installation in tank (sonde for oil level, density and temperature indicating with weight and volume calculation);
  • - Framework AEF for AEMP sonde installation;
  • - electronic limiter and measuring station;
  • - Local server/ controller is a server for all system equipment checking, securing storage and sending data to the central company server;
  • - software is needed for system’s installation and maintenance (ASC-Navigation)

Measuring system ENERGY provides inventory management, makes easier to perform dangerous tasks for employees, reduces the possibility of error, harmful effect on environment, and costs (human factor, leak detection, etc.)

Technical data and characteristics of measuring system ENERGY
Level measurement:
Measurement range of oil isfrom 30 mm to measured area boundary
Measurement range of produced water is0 mm to measured area boundary
Environmental temperature isfrom -40 to +50 C
Graduating mark is0,1 mm
Tolerance is+-1,0 mm
Density measurement:
Environmental temperature isfrom -40 to+50*C
Measurement range of density isfrom 400 to 1100 kg/m3
Graduating mark is0,1 kg/m3
Tolerance is+1,5 kg/m3
Temperature measurement:
Measurement range of temperature isfrom -40 to +50 C
Tolerance is+0,5 C

Measuring system is in a metal case sized 410 mm*360mm*100mm. Mechanical protection is IP 40. This protection is provided for station installation on the outside Ex-zone wall.

About 6 AEMP sondes can be connected to the station. Measurement system cyclically collects data about each sonde. The main function is hole system preparation for density, level and temperature calculation.

Oil volume at the real temperature and reduced volume at 15 can be calculated using calibration tables and displacement to the reference value (customer must give the information).

The local server or controller is a main management and checking server over petrol station. It unites different measuring and checking devices (measuring systems, fuel transfer column, payment terminal, etc.)

Local server or controller collects measuring station data and gives the information about:

  • oil condition in tanks:
    • oil level;
    • produced water and other material level
    • oil temperature
    • oil volume in tank
    • oil volume at a temperature of 15 C
    • oil density
    • measurement data and time
    • availability of free space in tanks in liters (according to maximum volume).
  • fuel drain and pumping fixing
  • activation of alarm and warning signals, reporting accept measurement system warning (as it is system’s functioning); activation of warning: overflow and filling conditions, delivery notification, high and low signal systems
  • measurement histoty