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Passenger transport
  • 100% accordance to Ministry of transport and Ministry of communications requirements
  • Fast and easy management of routes and schedules
  • Online passenger transport releases on the road
  • Real checking of the facts and regularity of visiting stops
  • Variety of opportunities for instant response to the traffic situations
  • Fast integration with external systems and services

The route network effective management

The conveniences for the technologist work to create and edit any complexity and length routes:

  • Creating of route tasks and round trips
  • Entering checkpoints and conditions for passing them
  • Creating of the route passport
  • Viewing a whole route network in one window
Operational work with schedules

The special schedules wizard allows the technologists to add, edit and copy timesheets along existing routes quickly and easily:

  • Purpose of the planned indicators for facts and regularity
  • Schedules difference for each checkpoint
  • Catalogue of pairs, holidays and seasons
  • Fixing of mobile objects and drivers

Smart fleet supervisory

The system allows to be aware of current situation of bus traffic:

  • Management and correction of current shift tasks
  • Assigning of drivers and machinery to the shift tasks
  • Machinery operative monitoring
  • Responding to the warnings, reports formation
Full functionality in web-interface

All options of ACS-Passenger transport system are available through any web-browser in any desktop or mobile devices.

Moreover, web-version system allows the differences in positions and authorizations with logins and passwords.

All personal data is protected effectively.

Passenger transport: version 2.0
The next point in developing of managing and monitoring system is creating of accepting and handling of population payments for services, ability of route accounting, analysis and administrations and providing passengers with up-to-date information on the route network current state.
Transport card module
Integration with accepting and handling travel fees on specialized transport or bank cards (Visa, MasterCard).
Passenger count module
Integration with special equipment for the people metering who use the transport in certain time.
Information annex module
Equipment and services for update to service consumers about network current state

Transport card

Passing data about number and amount of payments made by transport card including discount fare to the system.

Bank card

Number and amount of payments accounting made by Bank cards.


Statistical analysis about the quantity and quality of received payments about each transport, route for certain time.


Passenger traffic sensors

Integration with existing equipment to count the passengers number.


Forming of report on the passenger number during the day, month, company, route, etc.


Comparison of planned and real passenger traffic volume according to the route or the company.


Forming of recommendations for the technologists about the existing routes changing according to the passengers number data.


Current schedule

Allows passengers to know the information about real and planned transport arrival at the bus stop


Ability to visualize media content and advertising to have an extra income by system operator.


Broadcasting audio and video information from Ministry of emergencies.

Panic button

The possibility of installation the panic button for the first responding communication including the broadcast audio and video signals

The purpose is:

  • Citizens’ informing

Functions are:

  • Online information about any transport arriving in real time
  • Rendering of background information (weather, news, bottlenecks)
  • Citizens’ notification about the emergences
  • Advertizing information

Broadcast content:

  • Time bill
  • Bottlenecks
  • Weather
  • Advertisement
  • Public events’ schedule
  • Social videos

Implementation examples:

  • Kemerovo region
  • Amursk region
  • Omskaya region
  • Kaliningrad region
  • Primorsky territory
  • Altay territory
  • Komi republic
  • Altay republic
  • Jewish Autonomous region
  • Kalmykia republic
  • Kamchatsky territory/li>
  • Magadan region

Main benefits:

  • Increase the machinery using efficiency
  • Improve the citizens’ information quality
  • Carry out the real time checking and analysis of cash effects
  • Optimize the preparation and correction of schedules and routes
  • Efficient allocation of transport on routes depending on passenger numbers
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