23.05.2017     12:31     All, The fuel storage

The ACS team has finished the work about the solution’s starting for the fuel storage in the Khabarovsk territory.

The biggest woodworking factory “Asia Les” has become our partner. “Asia Les” produces about a half of the Far East wood.

We have had the problem about the fuel storage modification, especially the fuel traffic. The specifics of this project are consisted of the solution implementation highly degree importance without the producing process stopping.

The ACS specialists have developed the strategy for the problem’s solving.

The fuel reserve traffic system has been introduced on the fuel factory’s storage “Asia Les”. It is possible to see the balance, to monitor the temperature account, the fuel density and volume in real time.

The system of fuel distribution about the identification cards has been implemented,

and the fuel dispenser integration with the ACS-Navigation System: the fuel storage has been realized.

You can get a test “The ACS-Fuel Storage” by contacting the ACS company’s Commercial Department by phone 8-800-775-55-30 or e-mail: