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Putin is in Ulyanovsk: the changes in the transport industry

The Presidium of the Council State meeting about the   complex passenger transportation development took place in Ulyanovsk at September 22nd. There were the regional heads  such as: Sergey Morozov the Ulyanovsk region head, Aleksey Gordeev the Voronezh region head, Vladimir Pecheny the Magadan  region head, Vasiliy Golubev the Rostov region head, Aleksey Dumin the Tula region head, Aleksey Orlov the Kalmykia republic head, Rustam Minnikhanov the Tatarstan republic head, Sergey Sobyanin Moscow’s mayor on that meeting. Vladimir Putin personally leaded it and at the very beginning identified the main industry’s problems such as the municipal transport unprofitability, the growing of shadow business and the numbers of illegal traffics,  the absence of the free traffic model on the different types of transport.

To the President’s mind, it is the consequence of the integrated approach absence about the nowadays situation analysis and need for passenger transportation calculation in regions, also the insufficient usage of modern digital technologies for cash and bank transfer payments planning and checking.

The traffic schedules breakage, the lack of the work quality independent assessment, the tariff regulation transparency, the economic justification lack of an objective statistical base for the transport contract costs– it is the part of  problems that were also voiced by the participants of the meeting.

“In whole it is necessary to enhance checking. There should be the measures system which the details of transportations. It is necessary to think it over”, – Vladimir Putin noticed.

“It is really pleasant for us that the digital technologies using actuality in the passenger transportation is been marked at the highest level. – Sergey Nosov, the Head of the “ACS” Commercial Department, has commented. – Today we are ready to solve each of these problems.

For example, our product “ACS- Payment System” allows the regions’ heads and the cities’ chapters creating the economic justification mechanisms of tariffs and the actual routes forming based on the reliable data on passenger traffic and the funds collected amount.

The system gives an opportunity to design the multimodal population services system for travelling by the different types of transport using the same ticket with the several charging methods.   In this case, citizens can use the card as a ticket, and as a fuel or a parking card, and as a pass, a subscription or a discount visiting museums, theaters and shops.

Add to this the convenient online services for card refilling, travel planning, tickets for long-distance routes with guaranteed reservation of seats booking – and the public transport popularity usage is growing in the city or region is ensured.”


You can know more about the “ACS-Payment Systems” solution by connecting with the ACS company Commercial  Department by the phone 8 800 775 55 30 or e-mail: