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ACS solutions have been implemented in Chukotka

The Anadyr transport company becomes the new ACS customer. This company has been chosen as the regional operator in Chukotka autonomous territory in the Federal program for MSW treatment.

“ACS-Urban Services” with vehicle fleet monitoring and analyzing functions is expanded for the Anadyr transport company. Its uniqueness are:

  • Municipal order implementation volume in public utilities monitoring
  • Sensors checking (bucket position, brush working, etc.) in the checking areas
  • Presence and working monitoring in the checking areas


The Russian Federation resolution “About the solid municipal waste treatment” and the Russian Federation resolution modification N 641 August 25th 2008 have come into force on November 25th 2016. The changes in the previous resolution “About the technical and transport systems and systems with the Glonassor Glonass/ GPS satellite navigation” are also made.It is detailed that it is necessary to equip the automobile and railway transport used for the solid household waste transportation by the Glonass or Glonass/ GPS satellite navigation systems.

The ACS team has the “ACS-Urban Services” solution which is approach for the solid household waste transportation handling program.  

You can get a test “ACS-Urban Services” by contacting the ACS company’s Commercial Department by phone

8-800-775-55-30 or e-mail: