Smart platform for preventing malfunctions and technical assessment of the vehicles
  • Units and equipment malfunction alerts
  • Increasing the efficiency of equipment operation
  • Residual life of equipment forecast
Problems of mining enterprises
  • Equipment and vehicle downtime
  • Reduced equipment performance
  • Unplanned repairs
  • Increase in operating costs
  • Negligent attitude of drivers and mechanics to transport
  • Low quality of fuel, consumables and spare parts
  • Violation of safety standards
  • Lack of transparency in mutual settlements with contractors

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Unique functionality of the system:
  • Automatic diagnostics of the current state of the vehicle fleet
  • Assessment of the degree of fault tolerance
  • Critical alerts from aggregates and nodes
  • Unit lifetime forecast and the transition to the “predictive” maintenance
  • Saving consumables for mining equipment
  • Operating procedures control & compliance
  • Self-learning system

Dump truck diagnostic dashboard

Reducing the number of unscheduled repairs and repair costs by 33%
Reduced downtime by 91%
Optimization of turnover of spare parts and consumables up to 35%
Extension of the total life of the machinery and individual components up to 54%
Reducing maintenance costs by 43%
Improving the quality of rolling stock management by 51%
The elimination of the human factor in the maintenance and operation of the vehicle

Путь проекта

  • Integration with modern information systems - 1C, SAP, Axapta, Galaxy
  • Diagnostics, replacement and installing new sensors on equipment
  • Development of additional functionality by client's request
  • Operational integration of the systems
  • Flexible integration into the existing digital infrastructure of the enterprise
  • Increase of efficiency of enterprise management
  • Efficient resource allocation
  • Fast project payback
  • Measurable economic effect
  • Prompt response in emergency situations
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