Drilling and
blasting works

  • Callout of drilling
    and well filling projects in software
  • On-board process
    control plates
  • Fixation of work
    performance parameters
  • Reporting
    and analytics
Solution benefits
  • Vector-1 Reduction of time
    for preparation of drilling operations
  • Vector-2 Drilling quality control
    and SPM work
  • Vector-3 Fewer re-drills
    and redundant well fillings
  • Vector-4 Pass-through data
    transmission from technology
    to the design system and back
Callout of drilling and
well filling projects in software
Quickly bring a drilling project to the map using integration with drilling design systems. Assignment of planned drilling parameters for each well and the volume of explosive for the explosion.
Side plates
to control the process
of drilling and filling wells
The tablet acts as a control system for drilling and blasting operations, provides dispatcher communication with the operator of the rig and SPM. Provides prompt receipt of updates on tasks, coordination of equipment in relation to the well.
Fixation of parameters
of drilling and well filling
Drilling parameters
  • High-precision monitoring
  • Workspace
  • Drilling mode
  • Drill pressure
  • Drill depth
  • Drill speed
  • Change of rods
  • Drilling status
  • Number of wells
Параметры работы СЗМ
  • High-precision monitoring
  • The amount and type of explosive
  • Workspace
  • Refueling status
  • Number of wells
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