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Industry problems
  • Opacity of calculations
  • Unjustified charging
  • Low efficiency of prosecution
  • Increase of received citizens’ complaints
  • There is no snow or waste disposal!
  • There is no cleaning street!
  • There is no machinery in the city!
  • For what do we pay?
Housing and communal services
  • Delayed monitoring
  • Low automation of operations
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Unreasonable delays
  • High costs for transport
Tasks for the municipal authorities
Increasing of quality and speed of services provided to the citizens in communal services
Optimization of interaction between the municipal authorities and the communal services companies
Creating the system in performance management of contracts delivery
Creating the transparent system for the budget funds using at municipal contracts in communal services
Automation objects
  • Authorities of the territorial entity of the Russian Federation (municipal structure)
  • Homeowners’ associations
  • Household waste export companies
  • Gardening and landscaping companies
  • Street cleaning companies
  • Machinery service companies
Monitoring objects
  • Building machinery
  • Municipal cleaning machinery
  • Transport for cleaning and storage
  • Other transport
System functionality
  • Quality of provided services to population
  • Municipal order volume
  • Efficiency of planning in the municipal equipment using
  • Immediate informing about emergencies
  • 25 reporting forms
  • Electronic data archive
  • Industry report designer
  • Automatically reports’ sending to e-mail
  • Data in analytical forms for any period
  • Real-time KPI’s information
  • Information accumulation and generalization on the realized municipal contracts
Structure of the system “ACS – Urban Services”
Any place
Ability to connect with system from anywhere through the Internet.
Any device
Four supporting system’s versions allow to choose the best one.
Any time
Round the clock monitoring: access to information at any time without problems.
Utilizes modules
Monitoring and navigation
  • Machinery location and traffic
  • Visualization of prosecution in geozones
  • Costing of transducer and equipment operation
  • Fixing of transport warnings
  • Work orders forming
  • Route task designer
  • Specialized routes forming
Trip ticket
  • Trip ticket automating forming
  • Automated trip ticket logging
Operator and supervisor communication
  • Interaction between operator and supervisor
  • Incident technological reports exchanging
  • Transport warning informing
Nomenclature and catalogue
  • Single database of business reference book
  • Comparison of planned and actual indicators
  • Transfer data to accounting systems and external services
Reporting and analytics
  • Reports on complained works
  • Reports on municipal machinery functioning
  • Specialized industry reports
More about the modules
Monitoring and navigation
Provides information about machinery to be displayed on the map and in the tables.

  • Navigation data
  • Attachments functioning
  • Fuel rate for mileage and attachments functioning
  • Fixing of containers yards’ burning and blocking
  • Route tasks warnings in real time

Allows to create work orders based on specialized routes and also gives ability to create routes from the separate checking zones.

Specialized routes

  • Removal of domestic waste and refuse routes
  • Street cleaning routes
  • Street washing routes
  • Street treatment routes by ice-melting chemicals

Checking zones

  • Container yards
  • Permitted waste disposal areas
  • Consumable materials loading areas
  • Authorized petrol stations
  • Snow removal areas
  • Street washing areas
  • Street treatment areas by ice-melting chemicals
Trip ticket

Improves quality and speed of working with trip ticket.

Automated trip ticket logging with actual mileage and fuel rate classification according to hardware checking.

Trip ticket automated forming by prescribed format (for cars and trucks, cranes and vehicles for dangerous cargo transportation).

Operator and supervisor communication

Provides the interaction between operator and supervisor.

Voice service between operator and supervisor.

Technological reports exchanging about task realization and incidents:

  • Transmission blocking
  • Transmission burning
  • Containers’ overweight
  • Prohibited waste
  • Freezing of waste
Nomenclature and catalogue

Contains some reporting forms for all necessary aspects and allows to check quality of services provided to population, to compare of planned and actual indicators, to transfer data to accounting systems and external services.

  • Trip tickets’ parameters
  • Contracts’ catalogue
  • Fuel’s classes and types
  • Containers’ types, cargo loading and unloading areas
  • Machinery classifier
  • Staff and posts
  • Company, offices and activities
Reporting and Analytics

Consists of 25 industry report forms including specialized report designer.

  • Transferring history
  • Tasks
  • Planning and actual works
  • Daily plan realization
  • Municipal contracts realization
  • Extraordinary incidents
  • Sensors’ functioning
  • Fuel reports
  • Event reports
  • Efficiency analysis
Socioeconomic impact
  • Transparency in budgetary funds using
  • Automation of checking about fulfillment of treaty obligations
  • Increasing of municipal machinery mobility 5-9%
  • Increasing of street cleaning efficiency 15%
  • Reducing citizens’ complaints number 5-30%
Housing and communal services
  • Companies automation
  • Operational works checking
  • Increasing of transport using efficiency 15%
  • Reducing of utility machinery delays 20%
  • Fuel economy 19-32%
  • Improving population living standards
  • Availability of effective street cleaning monitoring
  • Timeliness increasing of roads cleaning in winter 16%
  • Increasing of services’ quality 21-26%
  • Increasing of citizens’ part satisfied with utility services quality 29%
Introduction stages
System developing prospects
Integration with regional navigation and information system
Increasing of the list and form reports about fleet work
Increasing of machinery checking types
Radio frequency identification of machinery and waste tins (RFID)
Increasing of onboard sensors intelligence
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