02.03.2017     13:41     All, Updates

The ACS-Navigation is updated.

We have presented you the updated mobile application “The ACS – Navigation” after a long designing period.

Firstly we would like to improve the program interface and functioning. Now you can get all necessary information about your machinery’s functioning without web and desktop application using.

The automobile navigation is heavily altered. Now your machinery will be divided into   subgroups according the desktop application. It is for helping the users to work fast with different machineries groups and it also allows finding the same automobile quickly.

Moreover the complete functionality of mostly demand reports has been added. You can build the individual report or the report about the chosen automobiles. The report will be available for download in the xls format after forming.

The function of the installed sensors viewing and the detailed report building for the period must become the pleasant addition for the users.  If it is necessary you may build the working schedule about some sensors yourself setting the display color. This function has to help the advanced user to identify the system faults and failures and also to look through the important information without any reports.

The customer can use the map where it is possible to display all objects with specifying its location for the direct online supervision.

If it is necessary you always may refer to the track building function and see transferring history of one or more objects in the specified period of time.

We continue to work under our application extending its functionality and finalizing the ready solutions for the most comfortable using.